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Glimesh Chat Overlay Glimesh Chat Overlay for OBS CSS to make everything but the chat bubbles transparent in an OBS Browser Source. So you can have Glimesh chat on your overlay without chroma keying (...dont chromakey it..i tried doing that which is why this exists) If this breaks I'll probably update it... Last Updated: 11/20/20
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How to use Right align In the css, you'll see this: /*align-self: flex-end !important;*/ Just delete the orange /* and */. Thats it. To go back to left alignment, just add /* and */ back. Changing chat background color In this: #chat .chat-messages .bubble { background: #0e1726 !important; border-radius: 5px !important; /*align-self: flex-end !important;*/ } Change #0e1726 to whatever you want. Use HTML Color Picker to help you pick a color if you don't have/know a hex code.