- What is edgestyles? -
edgestyles is a place where I have most of my css at.

- Why make a site for this -
boredom and testing my html/css "skills". also userstyles sucks so I want another place for this stuff.

- You're bad and miss styling something/something look out of place -
hard agree. uhhh please contact me.
how to contact me:
-twitter - @eild_lol
-email - edgewazherelol@gmail.com
-discord - edge#7938
preferably through twitter, then discord, then email.

- The Unlisted CSS -
im so lazy that i forgot the reason i made this site. to not lose any css. to not have to worry if I break my OS. i was lazy. i broke my OS and lost like 5 css (3 were unfinished tbf but mostly done). so I made Unlisted CSS. which basically has 4 css that I want to keep. no pictures, just text explaining why i made it/what it is.